2020 Rising Stars

Life is a generations game where a generation gives a role to the one after it to provide the youthful touch of talent in the work preformed. It’s such a faithful thing to see the upcoming generation in this great presence. This year in Ramadan there was a huge load of youthfulness in the characters played in many series. Ramadan this year provided a lot of opportunities for the new generation of actors and actresses to shine. The new generation of talents proved itself and its capability to reflect lights on it and to fulfill their scenes.

  Ahmed Dash: 

It’s not Ahmed’s first time to show up in a series of course. There’s been years of him providing great and amazing work, there’s been years of him mastering characters that people loved and still love since his very first time to act. However this year, people noticed that Adel (in ElPrince series) was quite different and special, people noticed that it was Ahmed’s first time to play such a challenging and controversial character yet he has mastered it skillfully. Although acting as a drug addict is not easy; as it requires a lot of body language expressions, acting as a drug addict healing from the poison in his blood is way harder ,because it needs a lot of effort in genuinely conveying the pain that a person like that might be feeling. Yet, this challenge didn’t stop Ahmed from acting the character professionally to convince everyone. Ahmed Dash is a truly creative and artistic star full of youth power , talent ,and passion. This makes everyone assume that Ahmed Dash’s future in being an actor will be glowing and full of art.

Layla Ahmed Zaher: 

Everyone has waited for Layla Zaher who finally came back to the scene after 6 years. Despite the talent in Layla’s family ,and despite that she is the daughter of the great Ahmed Zaher, Layla has a very special technique in acting that people loved this year in her character as Nora (in Elfetewa series) with the great Yasser Galal. Nora’s character was very kind and sensitive which has captured people’s feelings of sympathy and love to her through out the whole series. Some people say that Layla Zaher’s character has been the touch of beauty in Elfetewa. A character like Nora was new to Layla yet, she still mastered it very well. Being out of scene for 6 whole years didn’t affect Layla, instead it increased her skills and passion for acting. The return of Layla Zaher to the scene at this age and with that much charm and as this very special character proved how talented and creative she is. Layla Zaher is one of the special people in the new generation. she will shine bright in scenes for the rest of her future.

Lella Fada:
Lella Fada plays the character (Layla in ElPrince series) . Layla was such an amazing character that everyone fell in love with and with her guitar and singing skills that were breathtaking. It’s Lella’s first time in the scene and she fluently captured people’s attention and love in both singing and acting. The character layla wasn’t easy; layla was a drug addict as well. she acted her character in front of Ahmed dash ,and they made an amazing duo together. Lella Managed to act the character better than required and managed to make people wait for Layla’s scenes in every episode. Many people turned emotional when layla died due to an overdose. However as the series went on, people tended to miss the character layla and her relationship with Adel a lot more than expected. Lella Fada’s first time acting went so successfully which makes it easy for us to assume that she will have an artistic future in both singing and acting.

Hassan Malek: 

Hassan Malek made a huge difference in Ramadan 2020 as many people loved his character as Mazen (in le3bt El Nesyan) which is quite unique. Mazen, a teenager who struggles from diabetes that he got due to a problem in controlling his diet and the food consumed. People found out that Mazen’s problem and struggle with its causes is quite different compared to any other problem that faced a teenager in the Egyptian drama before. Some people were also interested and happy that the series had switched the light on on another problem like that and showed how to deal with it in the teenage years. The love and attachment to Mazen grew day by day and episode by episode from Le3bt El Nesyan fans. Out of the many things that people loved about the character Mazen, his relationship with his father that was quite special and lovely preformed was their favorite . As well as his relationship with Tamara ,his girlfriend. This relationship gained so much attention especially from the teenagers. Hassan Malek’s first time to show on screen was absolutely obsessive and professional. People are interested to see the future of a shining star like Hassan Malek.

    The new generation of actors did a great job in Ramadan 2020 as they had huge opportunities to perform as great characters to help present their talents. Seeing the new generation shining and showing up more obvious will also give teenagers who watch them the confidence to speak their minds and show their talents more. It was amazing to see a lot of new rising stars in this Ramadan and we hope this will continue forever.

A far away life

We were under the same stars
when you told me that our
loved ones are always there,
guarding us from the sky.
We were under the same stars
when you showed me your face
for the last time
and uttered your final goodbye.
I‘m sending you this letter
from my world to yours,
from my heart to yours,
hoping that one day,
it might reach you.
I’m sending you this letter
straight from the source,
my words laced with remorse,
until I can finally meet you.
For you, I crossed the oceans;
I traveled the extra mile.
You left long ago, yet stayed in my heart for a while.
I’ll admit, I went with the flow.
I’ll admit, I moved on.
But to you there’s no equal;
I still think about you till dawn.
Your soul left your body,
but your name’s still carved in my heart.
We’ve been like this from the start;
miles away, but never apart.
We had a lot planned for tomorrow,
but tomorrow never came.
Fate, time, or ourselves?
Where shall we put the blame?
It’s only the good memories that count; it’s the only thing I can claim
after god claimed your soul
and put an end to our flame.

Suffering out of blame

Looking around me, seeing every single color of heaven, but why am I blind to see colors in my life, neither in any place I go to. I have been broken due to what I have passed through; it was harsh; I couldn’t handle my self-flagellation. What proved that the blame was on me was that everyone hated being part of my life ,or even passing through its trailer. It’s not always by the crowd around you; it’s by the meaning they add to your life. I am perplexed about how I feel lonely even though there are a lot of people around me…funny, I mean nothing to them. I am lost in an ocean of memories…“aching” memories ,and no one is here to rescue drowning with my short breath.

Once upon a heartbreak, as any young kid, I fell in love with life ,but life didn’t share the same feelings with me. When you don’t get support from your own family, your home will not feel like home. How am I supposed to be confident in this huge world if I am not given the confidence I need from my small world? How can I not blame myself over other’s mistakes if I am the dilemma in everything I do? I became bare with nothing but a broken soul. I tried to search for safety and happiness in someone that will be my family, someone who will give me the support I deserve, and someone who will help me regain my strength.

Looking at yourself in the mirror ,but seeing the reflection of everything else but you. Wondering if you were alive from the very beginning. It ended up searching for safety and wasn’t the guide to the light. I could’ve searched about my own self that I lost ages ago; the one I lost when I lost trust in people and faith in life. I met people on my journey that made me regret being alive here …in this world l. I had millions of questions on my mind; I had millions of screams floating on the top of my lungs. Is everyone turning toxic ,or am I the toxic one? Are people treating me horribly or am I the one who can’t deal with them properly? Is this fair or am I the one who deserves this? Like anyone with nothing but an overthinking sick mind, I kept on asking these questions until it turned to be a trap. I had no one to guide me out…no one. When no one is there for you, the dark black side inside of you becomes the only shoulder to cry on.

The black side in me is a strong tornado that took me far away from the shore. The shore of safety and strength that was my goal throughout my journey. I knew that self confidence is the backbone that supports you through-out the harsh times. I realized that my suffering will not end, and my blindness to see colors in my own life will always be a carousel with non ending rounds.

An Exclusive Talent

Today we are introducing a groundbreaking talent. Someone who despite having a professional career as an HR Expert and a Career Development Trainer, still managed to work on his talent and never forgot his other side. I introduce Mahmoud Mahmoud, known as Squared The Rapper.
The first question that came to our minds, and basically everyone’s, is what’s the reason behind the name Squared. Mahmoud answered “My real birth name is Mahmoud Mahmoud. So one of my friends one day said, as a joke, your name should be Mahmoud Squared (as in the mathematical symbol² ) and it became a thing ever since”.
He raps his originals, covers other rap songs, and adds his own emotionally melting lyrics to some of the most popular songs. He is quite different from the mainstream Egyptian Rap Scene.

It all started when Mahmoud was 13 years old. He used to listen to a lot of rap and hip-hop music, and tried to copy the rappers in the way they talk, dress, and rap. At the age of 15, he started writing his own song lyrics, but, quoting him, “They were terrible at the time”.

When we asked him when did you start taking it seriously?
He replied “I’ve been in love with the music, but I never really thought of taking it professionally until November 2018 when I started writing poems to express myself and the feelings I had but couldn’t convey. A year later, I decided to change the way I write to fit in a rap form since I’ve always loved rap, and finally, I created my Instagram page a month ago to share my writings with everyone else after I got inspired by a group of Egyptian singers called “@letsgobigmusic” who’re always sharing their music with the world.”

Mahmoud’s first time rapping in front of people was in middle school when he performed “My Name Is” by his idol, Eminem.

When we asked Mahmoud If he started his Rapping career for fame, business or just because he enjoys doing it. He answered excitedly “I enjoy writing lyrics, a lot! Whether I’m letting out my emotions on paper or just inspired to write about something, writing is always a go-to for me. At the moment, I’m definitely doing it just because I enjoy doing it. However, as any human being in the world, when they do something good they want everyone else to see it, so that’s what I’m working on as well. I’m trying to spread my music as much as I can so people can hear it, and hopefully if I’m good enough, it’ll evolve to become a business as well.”

When we asked him if he would have the chance to work with only one rapper, who will it be?
He answered “That’s a very tough question, because if I got the chance, I’d love to work with a lot of my favorite rappers. However, right now I’d choose Joyner Lucas.”

We asked Mahmoud about the Egyptan Rap scene and asked him to describe it in one word. He jokingly said “Autotune”

Mahmoud didn’t agree to the idea that rap can be done by anyone who can speak fast and fluent. He also added that it isn’t a must to rap quickly to be considered as a rapper. Some of the greatest rappers in history have a slow style, so it’s not necessarily about speed. Rapping is a talent that consists of content, flow, and delivery. Unfortunately, with how the Rap Scene now is, most rappers are focusing too much on the flow and delivery, but they’re missing the quality of the content. So yeah, Rap is a talent that not everyone has or can do.

Who helped you in your career as a rapper?
Rapping and performing wise, I never really had someone to teach me how to rap or how to work on my flow, lyrics, etc.. I taught myself everything by listening to a lot of different artists, and I eventually improved myself over the years. However, a lot of musicians that I follow help me a lot, maybe not directly or tangibly, but they always inspire me to pour out my heart in everything. Also, one of the main reasons behind my videos and my music is my Videographer best friend, Timmy, who I consider as more than a brother , and he’s always helping me with anything I need to make sure I present something with good quality to my audience, so I owe that man a lot!

Have you ever been criticized? And on what? And what was your reaction?
“I used to get criticized A LOT when I was young, because I was doing something different than what our society is used to, and at that time, it was a bit difficult to be understood. I dressed differently, spoke a different language, and was perceived as the “Trying to be cool” guy. At first, it used to bother me a lot, but then I got used to it and coped with it. Now because I’m a lot older, my talent has grown better than how it used to be back in the day, and with the Rap Scene growing bigger in Egypt everyday, the criticism is now much less than how it used to be.”

When we asked him who are the competitors you listen to the most?
He answered confidently “I don’t have any competitors actually. I’m not on a stage where I have competitors and people who are dissing me or vice versa, and I hope that I never really reach that stage, because I’m a peaceful type of guy. I just listen to people who inspire me and who have great music.”

Why do you prefer singing rap covers and not original songs?
“I’m actually working on my own original songs right now and hopefully will release an EP/Album soon. However, the songs I cover are some of my favorite songs, and other people’s favorites as well, so I thought why not put a rap verse in there and see if people like the mixture. The album will be around 10 songs, or 11 If we are counting the intro, and I am working on it but it’ll definitely take some time.

3al2hwa is glad to have this chance of interviewing such a talent.

Movie Suggestions

Yes guys it is that day of the week when your beloved movies review article is published. First I want to thank everyone who follows the magazine ; you guys are the real ones and you are the reason behind our success. Today i’ll reccomend you two special movies that will let you feel good and am sure you’ll enjoy it. 

Title: The Godfather

Genre: crime/drama

I am sure most of you heard about The Godfather and maybe some of you have seen it. When you google “the best movies ever”, you’ll find in most if not all websites that The Godfather is #1. But why? Well obviously when you watch it you’ll know for sure but let me tease you a little bit.

Don Vito Corleone, head of one of the five italian mafia families in New York, doesn’t want for his younger son Michael to be involved in the mafia business. Things go bad and Michael is forced to work with the family, which leads to gang war and trouble with the other families.

I won’t exaggerate if I told you that this movie has the best scenario I ever saw. A genius and great scenario that cared to show the characters and their motives perfectly. For example, Don Vito Corleone, a person of high prestige and great influence, he is not afraid of anything, but he cares for his family and loves to spend a lot of time with them.

Finally i’d say that The Godfather deserves to be the best movie ever and definitely my favourite(some of my friends call me The Godfather;). Enjoy it.

Title: About Time

Genre: romance/ fantasy

When Tim is 21, his father tells him a family secret: the men in their family can travel in time and change what happens or happened in their own life. Tim is willing to use this opportunity to get a girlfriend but ooh boy it’s not as easy as you think. 

If you have a romantic heart this movie will be special and unforgettable for the rest of your life believe me. The movie is funny also which makes it even better. I watched About Time recently and i had to reccomend it for you guys. I am sure you all gonna love it as much as I did.

If Dreams Lasted Longer

People are like dreams , they fade once you wake up, they’re once very striking , very exhilarating ,and very idolized…But suddenly they leave , they disappear like they’ve never been there.
Sometimes it’s sad and heart shattering , sometimes it is a blessing ,and sometimes it is neither. It’s not quite understandable how being forced to leave someone dear to you could make you feel.
The first day is the day someone decides to end your existence in his life , it is not fair , you have always been the giving and caring person in the relationship , you were the one who always tried his best, you were okay with losing anything to win that person, you dealt with that person being cruel , dishonest ,and not giving anything in return, you dealt with being the loser everyday , you agreed to feel aches in your heart every night , and you had no problem to wash your pillows from tears every evening before going to sleep again . On the first day, you will refuse the idea of that person leaving you , you will deny the truth , you will be convinced that that is just temporary and that that person will come back anytime , you will even train yourself on that. What will your response be if that person comes back sorry and regretful , holding a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates ,and saying that he’ll never ever think of leaving you again. You will choose being blindfolded to not see how really hard-hearted that person is , you will somehow keep trying to find a tender part in a solid heart.
First week…That damn first week , the memories one , the one your memories decide to eradicate you by making you remember the few times when that person was decent to you. Although they are few , they are powerful , powerful enough to break every piece of you into a million , powerful enough to make your body burn inside , and powerful enough to make you suffocate. Remembering your laughs, your elation , the few moments you were able to deeply breathe in ,and the few moments you were able to see life beautiful and fair enough in. You will wish you could go back in time to live them once again , and the fact that it is impossible will make you enraged and mad at yourself. Thinking of those memories all day and all night will make them foggy , like movie flashbacks , they will seem unreal , as if your mind made them up , like a fairytale they will be.
First month is questioning time…Am I not good enough? Am I not what this person wishes for ? What did I do wrong ? Did I push that person away ? Blaming , blaming ,and blaming yourself all over again . You will hate yourself thinking that you are the reason , that if you were better this person could have stayed, you will wake up everyday feeling dull as ever ,and you will wish it’s the last one. you will zoom into their pictures feeling sorry for something you didn’t do. You will read your old chats again thinking that every text you wrote is stupid…maybe this is what made that person leave you , because you were so silly and boring , maybe over attached , maybe unfunny , maybe you did not give them space ,and maybe you are naturally lame. That is what you are , an unlovable person ,and that is what you deserve. You will torture yourself for being the reason someone left.
After the First year, this person suddenly fades just like their memories , seems unreal and foggy , you will not remember their features and details clearly , but you will finally know how oppressive this person was , how hard he broke you , how incurious he was to know how heavily the pain was on your soul , how far did it reach…because it was deep , really deep. you will get angry , angry enough to go stab that person in the heart. Asking why? Why the hell did you do that to me ? What did I do to you? You will no longer stare at their pictures or zoom into their eyes ,and you will barely even visit their Facebook profile. You will start telling yourself I don’t deserve that , I am way better ,and I deserve better. I am lovable, smart , and not boring . You will try to love yourself again by going back to tennis , spending some family time , or maybe having time to watch a new Netflix movie. Looking in the mirror and finally feeling that you are gorgeous again. Your self-esteem will arise again. You will feel fresh and ecstatic that once again you are waking up feeling ready to face a new battle. You are no longer blind-folded.
And you are the old you again , no longer demented or sorrowful , only more powerful and steady.


Since makeup is an art and the beauty is its spit, I introduce Norhan Amr, an engineer and a professional artist certified by the super makeup artist Samer Khouzami. She is someone who does true and ordinary art. She pastes beauty by some tools she owns and her high creativity in choosing what suits every single girl. She gives true definition to your eyes and makes them talk fluently by one of her beauty touches. She makes you shine brighter than a shooting star with her super unique highlight skills. She is a classy queen and a creative artist at the same time.

She started admiring makeup for a long time and she started her career as a professional makeup artist by coincidence; she was willing to help some bride to get ready for her big day by her own makeup equipment—nothing more, nothing less. And from that date, Norhan knew her very unique talent. With some more training with another makeup artist, Norhan enhanced her skills a lot more than the level they were at.

Since great achievements happen only to those who never stop learning, Norhan said:
“Until the moment I still check tutorials and new stuff about the world of makeup and it’s secrets, and I will never stop learning again and again.”

When we asked Norhan why did she choose makeup specifically, she said,
“Makeup was placed in my way and I chose it because I love makeup and I love the spirit of beauty in colors and how vital it is.” Norhan claimed that she also works as an engineer and that she does both works together, but due to her addiction to beauty Norhan says the following: “Being a makeup artist will remain to be my favorite.”

When we asked Norhan how does she describe makeup, other than just “art,” she wholeheartedly answered: “I would go with the adjectives ‘satisfying’ and ‘mind-relieving,’ for seeing the creams spreading and the color blinding will totally release stress.

What proves that Norhan is a true artist with a true artistic passion is that she chooses the colors of her clients due to their moods! Yup, as you heard… Norhan says, “I choose colors to the girls I do their makeup depending on what mood they are in; for example, if she is in a calm mood, I would definitely go with calm and cool colors, and if she is was in a hyper mood, then I would absolutely go with a full bronzy look.”

Norhan says that being a makeup artist is a good business, but starting it is difficult because you should get fame first and train a lot so you can be professional and also spend a lot of money on products. After all, you will gain what you spend and you will gain the spirit of art too.

Which Arabic celebrity does Norhan want to do makeup for?
“I would admire doing makeup for Dorra Zarrouk because she stands to be such a beauty queen.”
Which Hollywood celebrity will Norhan like doing makeup for?
“I would love to do Kim Kardashian’s makeup for once because she is the queen of contour and highlight and those are my favorite challenges!”

Norhan says that it takes her 30 min doing a full glam look to herself and 1h to do it to her clients due to some discussions that happen between her and the client.

If Norhan had to choose a makeup artist to work with, she will choose as follows: “If I had the chance to choose a makeup artist I will work with I will definitely choose Dina Ragheb as an Egyptian makeup artist and Scott Barnes from the western world.”

Throughout the interview, Norhan said that she is obsessed with Huda Beauty’s makeup products and that they are the majority of what she uses.

We wanted to imagine Hannah El-Zahed, Huda Elmufti, and Asma Abulyazeid in different makeup looks so we asked her to tell us what would she do for each one of them.
“I would definitely go with a cat-eye look for Hannah El-Zahed, and a glory highlighted look for Huda Elmufti and for Asma Abulyazeid I will choose a bold full bronzed look.”

3al2hwa is totally honored to interview such a talented soul like Norhan

Meditate, In the Eye of the Storm

It was never about money neither about having many friends. The war building up inside your mind isn’t because any of that.

Your lack of sleep this week wasn’t because you haven’t been able to study neither did it have anything to do with your mom being mad at you.

It was all you.

You are the one who hasn’t been able to take some time for yourself. You haven’t been on good terms with yourself ,and that’s where everything begins. Inner peace isn’t just a thought that crosses your mind…it’s much more than that.

Inner peace starts the moment you choose to prevent anyone or any event from controlling your emotions. What many of us don’t know is that our inner peace controls everything within our lives. A state of inner peace eliminates anxiety, fears ,and worries. It also removes negative thoughts, stress, lack of satisfaction ,and depression. It is a state of emotional and mental poise, happiness, acceptance, confidence ,and inner strength. Whether we are aware of it or not, we all desire inner peace.

However , only few realize the importance and benefits of inner peace, and even more less individuals know that it is a skill that can be learned.

So to make it easy for you and to avoid wasting your time, we have gathered for you the reasons about why inner peace is crucial in many ways:

•It helps you release all the toxic energy in your body and maintain your tranquility.

•It provides you with a stable mental health.

•It enables you to deal with stressful situations.

•It helps you in organizing your daily chores and duties.

•It helps you become more passionate about what you love ,and discover your hidden skills and talents.

•It helps you in maintaining healthy relationships with others.

•It helps you cope with any mental instabilities.

•It helps you boost your self confidence.

•It allows you to concentrate on your main life goals and achievements.

•It helps you to maintain a peaceful life with a positive and thoughtful mindset.

•It helps in increasing your productivity.

•It prevents you from facing any intolerable acts.

After reading the reasons of why it is necessary to have a inner peace, you are probably now wondering about the ways that will help you in doing that. That’s why we have got some answers from you, some teenagers who also face the same difficulties with inner peace.

So here are some ways for you in order to attain a state of inner peace:

• Try taking some personal time for yourself.

• Isolate yourself from anything that might ruin your mood or make you lose your temper.

• Avoid trouble makers.

• Try not to have any contact with negative people since they may suffocate you with their energy.

• Try some yoga classes. They will help you in regulating your exhalation and inhalation which will help you to relax.

• Practice something that you love or you are passionate about ; like reading, writing, singing, drawing, designing, cooking, sports….etc.

• Try reading a book, it really helps you in flying away with your mind to another universe of great imaginations and discoveries.

• Try writing your thoughts down on a paper. It will help clear your mind and figure exactly where your problem lies.

• Always prioritize yourself and stop thinking about other people.

• Don’t push your beloved ones away.


Believe me if you tried doing any of what we mentioned above, you will notice a huge difference. Your mind will notice a difference. Your soul will be able to breath and smile at the world. You will think about life like it’s another challenge that you need to take seriously but easily.

Never give up to failure, try all the ways possible in order to reach a state of inner peace. Inner peace isn’t achieved just by reading some quotes here and there. Inner peace is a life style and if you take it seriously, you will get rid of any complications and any hidden dark monsters who try to get in your way. Your view to life is what will decide if you have a peaceful one or a stressful one.

If you choose to think positively, then I assure you that no matter how much hard your day is going, it’ll always pass smoothly.Ps: This article wasn’t written by your 40 year old mother or father who are trying to support you in order not to give up on your dreams.

This article is written by a teen who totally understands how you feel. Those reasons and ways might sound too silly or unprofessional to you but believe me, this is written from a person that goes through what you go through exactly.

Learn a new language

Let’s all agree that this lockdown is getting out the best of us. Seeing no one but your family and your reflection in the mirror for weeks can be dismal, especially for the social butterflies out there. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! The best way to spice up your monotonous routine is to see the world through the eyes of another person who comes from a completely different culture; to make use of the boring day and ample time ahead of you by learning another language. Here is a list of some series, movies, and songs that will surely help you catch up on new languages, killing two birds with one stone by challenging your boredom by learning a language you’ve always wanted to learn.



1) La Casa De Papel 

2) Elite 

3) Vis a vis 


1) The Sea Inside

2) Open Your Eyes


1) Arms around you 


2) Perro Fiel ( Shakira ) 

3) Despacito ( Luis Fonsi ) 

4) Morado ( J Balvin )

Note: The Spanish Language has some common words that sound like arabic and are easy to pronounce.



1) Dark 

2) Dogs Of Berlin 

3) Babylon Of Berlin

4) Parfum


1) The Wave 

2) Metropolis 

3) The Lives Of Others


1) Zu Dir

Note : The German Language Is Hard in pronunciation ,but has easy grammar.



1. Engrenages (Spiral)

2. Les Témoins (Witnesses) 


1. Blue is the warmest color 

2. Amour (2012)

3. The Intouchables


1. Melegim – Soolking

2. Cyril M, Awa Imani & IZA – Les Mots

3. Lynda – Si tu m’aimes 

4. Aloïse Sauvage – Et cette tristesse

5. Imen Es – D’ennemi à bébé

6. Tim Dup – Place espoir




1. Aşk Laftan Anlamaz (Love cannot be understood through words)

2. Kiralık Aşk (Love For Rent) 

3. Güneşin Kızları (Sunshine girls)


1. Asla Vazgeçmem (I won’t give up on you)


1. Diriliş: Ertuğrul

2. Kuruluş: Osman

3. Payitaht: Abdülhamid


1. Mutluluk Zamanı (Time of happiness)

2. Kardeşim Benim (My brother)

3. Yeni Gelin (New Bride)


1. Berkay – Iki Hece

2. Mecnun (Mahmut Orhan Remix)

3. Teoman – Bana Öyle Bakma

4. Mustafa Sandal – Aya Benzer

5. Hadise – Geliyorum Yanına



1. Gomorra

2. The Miracle (Il miracolo)

3. Il commissario Montalbano


1. Perfect Strangers (Perfetti sconosciuti)

2. La Pazza Gioia (Like Crazy)


1. Salmo – Venice beach

2. Bella ciao – Manu Pilas

3. DAM 2 (DAM 2 (feat. Madman) [Il ritorno]) – Song by Il Pagante

4. Supereroi falliti – LowLow & Mostro


Applications that can help you learn any language:

* Duolingo 

* Memrise

* Busuu Language Learning

* Learn Languages – LinGO Play

Travel through genres

Locked up between 5 walls? Time to fill your playlist with new songs.

Finding the perfect playlist isn’t always easy. Get ready for an extremely joyful experience that will definitely take you to a new extraordinary world of music! Enjoy the beautiful melodies and the hyper beats. Here is an article that includes a list of songs along with their genres. Enjoy!!


  • ‏Break my heart again-Finneas
  • ‏Let me down slowly-Alec Binjamin
  • ‏Hold on-Chord Overstreet
  • ‏Lighthouse-Hearts and colours
  • ‏Unsteady
  • ‏Talking to the moon-Bruno Mars
  • ‏Moonlight-Ali gatie
  • ‏Fire on fire-Sam smith
  • ‏Bruises-Lewis Capaldi
  • ‏Lose you to love me-Selena Gomez
  • ‏Pretending-Alec Binjamin
  • ‏Nice to meet ya ( meghan Trainor ft Nicki Minaj)
  • ‏* Chills ( Why dont we)
  • ‏* Freaking me out ( Ava Max )
  • ‏* Me because of you ( Hrvy )
  • ‏* Stupid ( Tate McRae )
  • ‏* Stay for me (OSTON & Micheal Mineli)
  • ‏* Teeth ( 5 SOS)
  • ‏* Good Girls (5 SOS)
  • ‏* Easier ( 5 SOS)
  • ‏* dance monkey ( Tones & I)
  • Youngblood -5sos
  • Attention – Charlie Puth
  • We dont talk anymore – Charlie puth
  • How long – Charlie Puth
  • Dangerously- Charlie Puth
  • The way i am – Charlie puth
  • Suffer – Charlie Puth
  • Patient – Charlie puth
  • I warned myself -Charlie Puth


Arabic Rap

  • ‏Tnt-Wegz
  • ‏ATM-wegz
  • ‏Nour-Zap tharwat
  • ‏El so7ab-Zap tharwat
  • ‏Ymkn (possible) – wegz 
  • ‏21 – wegz
  • ‏Sindbad – Pablo
  • ‏Kda kda – wegz
  • ‏M4 ha2olek bebe – wegz
  • ‏Kan nefsy – wegz 
  • ‏Touch – Marwan Mousa 
  • ‏Abu macca – Pablo
  • ‏Folklor – Pablo
  • ‏Never come back (laa t3ody) – kassar

English Rap

  • ‏Lose yourself-Eminem
  • ‏The real slim shady-Eminem
  • ‏Remember this-NF
  • ‏Let you down-NF
  • ‏WHY-NF
  • ‏The Box-Roddy Rich
  • ‏Highest in the room (travis scott)
  • ‏The box ( Roddy Rich )
  • ‏God’s plan (drake)
  • ‏Money in the grave (drake)
  • ‏Roxanne ( Arizona Zervas )
  • ‏Wow (post malone )
  • ‏Panini ( Lil nas x )


Egyptian Mahraganat

  • ‏Hanedrab Nawawy
  • ‏Lo8et el 5arba2a
  • ‏Bent El giran
  • ‏Shams el magara 
  • ‏Massaa El Na2s


عربي .. كلاسيك 


بكتب اسمك يا حبيبي 


أعطني الناي و غني 


انا يا انا 

نجاة الصغيرة 

يا مسافر وحدك

القريب منك

ساكن قصادي

لا تكذبي 

عبد الحليم حافظ



كامل الأوصاف 

كنت فين


حاجة غريبة 

ام كلثوم .. الست

الف ليلة و ليلة 

انت عمري 

سيرة الحب 

على بلد المحبوب 

حيرت قلبي

القلب يعشق 

محمد عبد المطلب

ساكن في حي السيدة 

وردة الجزائرية 

بتونس بيك 

محمد عبد الوهاب 

لا مش انا الي ابكي 


امتا هتعرف 

فريد الأطرش 

قلبي و مفتاحه