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Da Hany!

Da hany!!
Sorry ya gama3a bas da hany ya3ni malko mekbreen el mawdoo3 leh?
We all have male best friends and they are really important to us and they represent a very important part in our life and maybe of our everyday. A male best friend will always be a brother that came out of no where, he will be annoying but you will always reach him out for help and you will always want to tell him secret. Since men keep secrets very well, a guy bestie is very good for tea talks.However here is the question: if two people are in a relationship is it ok to have a Hany? This is a big debate and I am asking ladies to calm down and gentlemen to stick to the chairs they are setting on because we are here to talk not to fight!

Some people will not accept a Hany even if hell froze; they won’t accept someone in the middle of everything even if she have known him since forever and that will make problems. she will try to convince him but there will be no way. she then will be in a situation where she won’t be able to cut off with her best friend and at the same time will never want to give up on her relationship. However in that case, some ladies will just go after the theory that “friendship never ends” and choose Hany over her boyfriend because Hany was there when no body else was. And some people will accept Hany because she have known him since long ago maybe even longer than the time she got to know her boyfriend himself, and some other people will accept Hany to be present in her life but with limits and as long as he is trustworthy and gets to know her better. Some people will think accepting Hany or not will depend on his trust in her but let me show you a different angle of the story. Accepting Hany or not depends on whether he trust Hany or he doesn’t because if Hany was trustworthy why wouldn’t he accept him? Ladies….ladies I know some men just don’t accept you dealing with other guys just because the “Concept” doesn’t seem right to them but in this case dump him he is not right for you let’s get back to Hany. Of course leaving your best friend of year for another guy you have known for month isn’t right imagine how many times did you cry and your best friend was there for you and how many time where you in trouble and he guided you through it and no matter how you and your boyfriend are bonding and in love, you will always need a best friend. Whether a male or a female, a best friend is always needed. You see; that’s why you don’t have to cut off with Hany for some other guy no matter how hard you love him, but if you and Hany didn’t have limits, you have to put limits now and by limits I am not saying change your way of dealing or seedy apart I am just saying let’s keep it on set at least to respect the other guy and let him know you respect him. Also, always put yourself in his shoe, if Hany turned into Hania will you accept his Hania without limits? Will you even accept his Hania even with limits like you want him to accept your Hany? What you have to do is to keep limits show respect to the other person and show respect to Hany try not make your best friend feel left out and try not to make your boyfriend feel like Akram. In the case of him not accepting Hany even with limits and respect, then dear that’s not the mindset you deserve that’s not the mentality you should deal with. If you will tell me “this is the man I will be with my whole life and I shouldn’t make him uncomfortable” I will just tell you Imagine being friends with someone for years and years, suddenly she is in a relationship and now she is cutting off with you for someone maybe you are the reason they are even together due to the advices you use to give her. Doesn’t that hurt? It does. Now ladies I remember telling you to put yourself in your boyfriends’ shoe, now I am asking you to put yourself in your best friends’ shoe. If he was the one in a relationship and his girlfriend is not accepting you and he is slowly dragging himself out of your life after years of calling him your bestie and your brother will that hurt? It will…. so let’s not cause pain to any of hour loved ones. Remember Lee and Elle from the Kissing Booth and I consider the Kissing Booth is one of the best movies to describe how life time friendships must go. In the Kissing Booth Rachel (Lee’s girlfriend) didn’t accept Elle being included in everything Lee was in a situation that he was placed between two hells hurting Rachel or hurting Elle his lifetime best friend, his twin. He told her in the first movie that he would give up on Rachel if that what will make her happy, but let’s be clear, this is not the solution. The solution is a couple more lines up if you are reading this. Just keep limits, arrange your priorities, prioritize both but differently and show respect.

Having a Hany in your life is not the problem being no able to deal with Hany in a way that doesn’t hurt him nor affect your relationship with your partner is the problem and if you do this right and your partner is not yet convinced then it’s his problem not yours neither Hany’s. Remember to love and never hurt. 

☆3 facts about history you never heard of☆

Cleopatra Was Not Egyptian

As you might believe, the last queen of Egypt was not born in Egypt. As far as historians know, Cleopatra VII (this is her official name) is Greek. She is a descendant of Alexander the Great’s Macedonian General Ptolemy.

The Titanic’s Owners Never Said the Ship Was “Unsinkable”

Although you can trust James Cameron’s iconic 1997 movie, the owner never said that it will never sink. The historian Richard Howells said: “It is unlikely that the entire population would think that this was a unique, unsinkable ship before the Titanic voyaged.”

Napoleon Was Once Attacked By a Horde of Bunnies

Once upon a time, the famous conqueror Napoleon Bonaparte was attacked by… Bonnie. The emperor asked to arrange a rabbit hunting activity for himself and his men. His chief of staff set it up and reportedly had men round up 3,000 rabbits. When the rabbit is released from the cage, the hunt can begin. At least that is the plan! However, these rabbits launched a fierce and unstoppable attack on Bonaparte and his men. We were told that Waterloo was the conqueror’s greatest failure…

What’s Behind Comfort Zone

Unfortunately, we all know that it’s hard to leave your comfort zone because humans like feeling
good and hate uncomfortableness but as well as if you stayed in your comfort zone especially
when you’re surrounded with difficulties and problems, you’ll end up postponing your life goals
which will make it more difficult to be achieved and you’ll feel more anxious and nervous.
Actually It’s a behavioral space that fits our routines and patterns that minimizes the stress
level and perception of risk. And that’s good, unless the fear of getting out of it overcome us and
suddenly we find ourselves coming up with the idea and the believe of not being able at all to
break out the comfy cosiness.
For real, we should face the truth and we have to be okay with the percentage of risk that exists
in every action you are doing no matter what even if you’re unfamiliar with this particular action.
Remember that you’ll fail in your first time while getting out of it, don’t give up and try again until
you make progress. then you’ll see yourself in a different way, even your peers will realize the
courage that you came by, you’ll be more sociable, will increase you focusing and
concentration, will develop new more skills, will do achieve more and more than before.
In addition, To break the fear and get out of the comfy zone; Firstly you should get more in front
of the camera, try to make comic videos and take pictures feeling totally okay with your look and
style and showing self love. Secondly, you should never take something for granted by giving
compliments, spending more time apart, tell your partner when they’ve done something right.
Thirdly, switch up your routine like doing something crazy which you didn’t use to do it before
like agreeing to things that you normally didn’t consider,
moving more closer toward your fears, asking questions that other people don’t like and you can
also try to start conversations with strangers and know how they feel and think.
Finally, our comfort zone is just like sweets, when you achieve a good achievement you can get
into your comfort zone for a while to relax, and then get out of it again immediately to complete
the adventures within your journey. Eat sweets but do not eat much!

The theory that proves your mentality in maintaining relationships SUCK

    "I have known from the beginning that I am just a game he played for a while"." I think I have recognized who she was from the beginning." Isn't this what we obviously hear from people after breakups? Most of us hear these phrases and much more gossip from their friends about how awful their Ex's were, and I guess we as a way of support we believe it and we start thinking their Ex's were awful as well. However, have you ever thought that this will be the end anyway, and that horrible state was obvious from the beginning?
  For farther explanation: when your best friend or you tell one another that you have caught feelings for someone and you know quite well that this person won't be your or their "forever". So why do we hate them when it happens and we don’t when our thoughts were just expectations, maybe because we always keep faith that maybe this will continue with no harm.
    The past question was important to ask, but what's really more important to ask is why did we go into this relationship from the beginning when we know very well that it will fail and cause us too much suffering? Maybe it's the faith that our expectations won't be true or maybe we will blame love as usual. Although, yes I agree that the love of the people and the way they consider each other's feelings  and how they take their love as number  one thing this will absolutely matter in how healthy the relationship will go. However blaming love for breaking your heart and pushing you into this relationship that was obvious to be failing is a big NAY.  
    Instead you can blame the mentality of people in a relationship itself. If a girl finds a guy with too much red flags for 1 person to handle and yet goes into this relationship and still puts faith in it, then she is going suicidal but in an indirect way. And if a guy finds a girl that doesn’t have the same personality he can  cope with and still goes into this relationship with a dream that she might change then he better fall of  bridge instead of falling in this relationship. If you find someone who is mentally ready before being emotionally ready then you have found a diamond. Being mentally ready means that you are ready to face any problem and to fix any misunderstanding. Being mentally ready means you are mature enough to know the responsibility you are in. Being mentally ready means that you will take the relationship seriously. Being mentally ready means that you will know how to provide love ,care and support to your partner to your in the right time with the right way. As well as being  mentally ready means you will choose the right person.  
Love is not the only thing you look for in a relationship, you should  also use your mentality, and if this was used in a wise way then the relationship will go very healthy. Choose the person that understand and love at the same time, search for the sense of humor before the romance, search for the success before the offers and finally search for a lifetime best friend and not a some month lover.


Whenever you scroll through social media, you will probably find that 80% of the posts are memes. A Meme can be an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users often with slight variations ( according to google ). But the question is why do people start using memes?
The answer is pretty simple because it is funny and you could relate to it easily. Having a sense of humor makes you able to use the perfect meme in the perfect moment.
People use memes to make the situation funny. For example, people use memes in Dark Comedy, a comedy based on a problem of personal or social nature, to make the situation less painful.
For, example, some students always say I will fail in tomorrow’s test
Normal Students be like :

How memes are made is a really important question. You could create your own meme by just connecting a situation that is trendy with a meme from a known movie. Memes are now used as stickers in Whatsapp which made them usable everywhere. There are a lot of meme material sources everywhere around us such as:

  1. When people take a picture sometimes the picture is accidentally taken in a funny pose which they sometimes use it as memes.
  2. Scenes in Comedy Movies , one of the known ways to make a meme. Most of the memes and comics are taken from well known actors like Mohamed Henedy, Mohamed Saad , Adel Emam , Hassan Hosny ,and Ahmed Helmy.
  3. Charismatic people with a good sense of humor have the talent of product very special and funny memes that go viral sometimes. For example, Khaled Mokhtar , Adel Shakal ,and Ahmed El-Kholy have a lot of videos we could use as memes.
    If you have a good sense of humor you could go viral for it.

What’s funny about memes and humor is that it doesn’t get old ever, some trending memes that are commonly used nowadays are taken from movies and shows that were made in the early 2000s.

In the end, we should admit that memes are one of the best things in social media and it adds humor to our lives.

Power Of Inner Beauty

The majority of the 7 billion people on earth use the word “beautiful” only when describing people’s outer appearances. For example, “She is beautiful because she has blue eyes.“ Most of the people chose to describe a girl “beautiful” only according to how she looks , and not to her personality. Why don’t we say “she has a beautiful personality instead of beautiful eyes?” Or “she’s beautiful inside out.” Simply because, the majority of the people care about looks more than personalities.
So , Why do we have to care about inner beauty more than the outer beauty?
Because outer beauty attracts eyes only, while inner beauty attracts hearts and souls. When you want to befriend someone, will you care about his or her look more than his or her personality?
The answer is no, you won’t. You become friends with people because when you’re around them you feel comfortable , lovely , understandable, and because you have common feelings and thoughts. You don’t choose your friends depending on how stunning they look or how rich they are; instead, you choose them depending on how you both relate and feel when you’re with each other. The well-known quote that says: “Don’t Judge a Book by its cover’’ is a perfect saying that should teach people how to choose their friends and lovers. Because If you judge people by their looks, you will for sure be putting toxic people around you at least once. Some people may look stunning and rich on the outside while their personality is not as stunning as how they look. Some people might look nerdy on the outside ,while they have a golden soul and an amazing personality on the inside. That also explains why we shouldn’t judge people from the rumors we hear about them from far away, instead we should always give everyone a chance and get to know them personally ,because the only way to know if someone is real or not is by interacting with them. I read a book called “losing hope” where the main characters used to hate each other and judge each other because of rumors spread about both of them in school ;but when they decided to know each other more, they matched perfectly and realized how much people like to gossip and lie. This might feel cliche ,by you have to believe in the power of your inner beauty as it’s what makes every individual shine and be unique. The more you believe in yourself, the more you will shine. Don’t doubt your looks ,because all you have to do is to improve your personality.
Quotes will always keep us believe in a better tomorrow so we will end the article with these two quotes : “It doesn’t matter what you look on the outside. It is what’s on the inside that counts. “All that glitters is not gold ’’

Sherlock Holmes

As a fellow girl addicted to binge watching, I have watched many series that i loved and hated. One of my amazing series is “Sherlock Holmes” ,which by some mysterious power makes me fond of the character. Holmes has abilities that are almost supernatural: he is the exceptionally talented detective with the most proficient observation that allows him to identify a stranger by just looking into his eyes. As someone who enjoys looking into details, I always found Sherlock as the perfect character to reflect such an ability.

Holmes became obsessed with solving mysterious crimes that he isolated himself from human communication and in not so arrogant but confident way regarded himself superior and different from any human being. He believed in a mind of his own calling it a “mind palace” ,where all his information were stored. It was more of an engine chasing new crimes to solve everday and he seemed to love the chase.

What captivated the wild is how he acts and the way he is portrayed in the series. Not only does he amaze us with his ability to identify someone’s background or the reason behind to seek it, but also with how he connects every piece of information based on just his observation without actual super powers ,which proves that anyone with an indescribable sense of observation like him can come to the same conclusion. As the series goes on, the viewers seems to engage passionately making them not only watch the series once but several times.

Beauty Standards throughout the history.

Over the past decades, beauty standards have changed drastically, starting from the old Egyptian standards, the oldest of all, until 2020, the most recent ones. Women have been going back an forth through beauty standards trying to get into the ideal body shape to fit into some standard that mostly have been put by men. Get ready to have a quick trip through time to get to

know how our female ancestors looked back at the time.

• Ancient Egyptian:

Ancient Egyptian women were mostly known for their slim high waists, and narrow hips. Dark

long black braided hair was a trait any beautiful woman would be characterized by at the time. Golden, tanned, and bright skintone was the ideal color any attractive woman would have. As for the heavy black eye makeup, kohl, it was mostly applied as a protection from the sun, but soon enough it became the signature look of both women and men.

• Ancient Greek:

As for ancient Greek women, their beauty standards may be considered weird in our current days; unibrows were so in fashion that women would get dark pigment to draw a one in case they were born with naturally good plucked eyebrows. They also considered blonde curly hair beautiful, so women used vinegar, trying to get a lighter hair color. However, they never knew it

might cause hair loss, so wigs were quite common back then. As for long hair, it was considered a very beautiful trait. So only high class rich woman were allowed to keep their hair long. Chubby women were also considered eye pleasing as well.

• Heian Japan:

Another weird beauty standard concerning eyebrows were also initiated in Japan. Women in court would shave off their eyebrows and draw new smudged ones. They also would never cut off their hair as long hair was considered beautiful back then. They would taint their lips and

cheeks red, and their face white. And because their teeth looked so yellow in comparison to their white painted faces, they would paint their teeth black.

• Renaissance:

Long time ago in Italy, men would search for beautiful woman for marriage. As beauty was tied to virtue, the more beautiful a woman is the more virtuous she was thought to be. A chubby woman with a round stomach seemed to be the perfect wife back then as it was thought this

body figure was more ready for mother hood. Other must-haves were strawberry blonde curls and a high forehead. Women at this time bleached their hair and plucked or shaved their hairlines to get this look.

• 18th-Century France: 

As for France, the city of love, woman with oval face and a slight double chin were considered more lucky than others. And yet again curly long hair seemed to preside the beauty standards. Grey, and white faces were so beautiful at the time and women would regularly use heavy makeup to achieve such look; it is said that those makeup products were often made with

poisonous lead and mercury; however women wouldn’t care less. All they wanted to achieve was meet the beauty standards!

• Elizabethan Era:

As queen Elizabeth rose to the throne, new beauty standards started to emerge. Women back at the time took her majesty as a role model in beauty. So beautiful women would usually imitate her style, red lips and cheeks, bright eyes, and fair reddish hair. They also preferred to have thin eyebrows. White skin tone usually was considered a sign of delicacy and nobelty, as usually poor people would work alot in the sun till they get tanned body color. So the more lighter a woman’s skintone is, the more noble she is.

• Victorian Era:

In the Victorian era, a period where alot of feminists would oppose, a fragile weak woman was considered way more feminine and pretty than an independent one. They used to wear corsets in order to get the smallest waist possible. Pale faces with zero freckles or pimples or redness

were considered more into fashion. It was even considered that a woman with tuberculosis was said to be beautiful, as they would get a very pale face and thin fragile bodies. Makeup products

were also considered a taboo. So a if a woman with naturally red lips or cheeks was mistaken for putting makeup, this might cause her a huge scandal back at the day.

• World war one, 1914-1918:

During world war one, where men were sent to military, women got more independence and responsibility as they had to find jobs till men came back. So most women would cut off their hair and imitate men’s style. Small breasts and petite thin body figure was considered more beautiful. Women were also trying to get rid of the Victorian beauty standards.

• The end of world war two, 1945:

By the 50s, the end of world war 2, women started buying more makeup; they even started adapting the small waist fashion. As men returned from battle reclaiming their jobs, women left their work-clothes behind and felt the need (fashion dictated) to be feminine again.

• Old and modern arabs:

As for Arabian beauty standards, they haven’t evolved much. Olive skin, dark hair, big eyes and an hour glass figure are typical features of beautiful women in the Gulf region. Women would usually use kohl to make their eyes look more attractive.

• 2020:

Today, 2020, plump large lips, thick defined eyebrows, small pointed nose, and a curvy body are some traits any beautiful girl would acquire.

After all, as you can see, beauty standards have always been changing ever since the beginning

of creation. As soon as we, women, would get accustomed to a trait, or a characteristic it would get out of fashion and another beauty standard would replace an old one. Stop trying to fit into

a beauty standards that would soon get replaced. Just be comfortable in your own skin, and be yourself. You are the one who set your own beauty standards.

Journey to self peace: COMPTON

Raised by an influential man 

Grew up to lead a gang.

These streets change ya

These streets shape ya

These streets make ya

And these streets save ya

These streets are my brethren’s death.

18 and dumb never know about life

Me and my homie just roamin around

For him to fall down, in his back, a knife

No one saw it it was night no crowd.

Trust no one is the only rule

Make one mistake and your blood is the pool.

People here don’t care no more.

The sound of gunshots is what they wake up for.

That police siren is the wake up call 

Leave the street or you’re in the hall.

These streets raised me.

The smell of blood, the screams of moms, the sound of gunshots,

These things dont phase me.

Im the man of these streets until the death of me.

They all on my back they want to get rid of me.

Im the danger and Im the predator.

The only way they’ll ever get me, is when….


Newspaper: The Aztecs Gang leader was found dead yesterday midnight. Police say that they found two gunshots in the back of his head. He died on a notebook which is believed to be his diary. Police tried to read what was written on the sheets put the blood covered it all up. More to come later

Journey to self peace:LONDON

The Rain is My Best Friend.

Tick tock, says the clock on the wall. It’s 12:00 AM and I am all alone in a room with my dusty heart, a numb mind, and heavy rain dropping on the ceiling window like bullets. London: the big, smoked city of dreams where everyone could feel the ordinary scent of faith; it’s where I live, or should I say, where I pretend to be alive. With love birds walking hand in hand, young couples warming each other up with hugs, and photographers rushing so they don’t miss the chance of taking pictures that symbolize romance, purity and happiness, rainy nights in London are said to be the best. Sadly, not for me. The rainy nights of London remind me of the worst scenes of my life, when I was alone in my room, scared of the rain dropping heavily on my window. These nights remind me of writing my feelings down with my body hurting as if I had just been in a fight with ten body builders, my heart aching, and my head in flames. I am someone who struggles in this life. I struggle with society, my parents, my friends, sometimes even with my own self. Now, whomever will read this will think of me as a person who lives to struggle. However, one should be fair; let me explain why I struggle with all of this. I struggle with my parents because they are extremely successful; successful to the extent that they don’t have time for me. My parents are famous, rich doctors. They own one of the most famous hospitals out there. They spend the only free time they have either fighting, or lecturing me for things I never did, and I know I would never do. I struggle with my friends because I simply don’t have any. In my opinion, no one knows the real meaning of friendship; that’s why I am someone who does not have any friends. I struggle with society because it keeps up with people who don’t deserve to live; people who hurt, abuse, kill, insult and do much more awful things. I struggle with myself for not minding my own business; for always struggling with the past and its struggles. All those struggles flash into my mind on those rainy nights where everything, except for the clouds, is silent and cold. I just can’t seem to mind my own business, how can I? How can I do so when I see how life is treating everyone? How can I do so when I see how life is treating me? Funny how we can relate to each other’s pain, yet we can’t fight for each other’s cases. I thought I’d find a way to end my struggles, but I figured out that I should end me, not my struggles. It was a cold day. No one was home; even the housekeeper was on vacation. The house was silent… pin-drop silence. I could hear my bare feet stepping towards the roof. I stood on the edge of the roof, wondering whether jumping would be more painful than the pain I felt back on these rainy nights. Ding dong… the door bell? Who could it possibly have been? It wasn’t 10:00 PM yet. Part of me told me to ignore the bell and jump.. just jump. Another part of me forced me not to, telling me that maybe this bell is my second chance in life. Ding dong. The bell again; but this time, it was followed by a lot of phone calls, my mom calling my name, and my dad hitting the door so hard. I stood there, paralyzed, thinking why I couldn’t end this story. Suddenly, the door opened, my parents fearfully and hurriedly climbing the stairs. I heard my mom breathing heavily, as well as dad praying for my well-being. When they reached me, I jumped, but in the opposite direction. I fell down on the roof’s floor sobbing. My parents leaned closer and hugged me, both of them at once, and I couldn’t find an adjective to describes how much I missed that feeling. It’s weird, isn’t it? Currently, I am being medicated. I am seeing a therapist and attending group therapy sessions with people I can understand. It was hard to face the world with six mental illnesses. I always hear cold remarks about my sickness, but my therapist said that if one knows how to deal with an issue form A to Z, he or she shouldn’t blame others who don’t. Sometimes, people treat me as if I‘m scary. At other times, people treat me like I have a mental disability, not a psychological issue. However, my sickness changed me a lot; saying that it changed me to the better would be kind of ironic, but it made me stronger, and soon enough, it will make me the strongest. I am sure that one day, I will come out of this strong, fearless and free. I am sure that one day, I will no longer be in my room. Instead, I will enjoy the rainy nights of  London like lovers and photographers and other people who never miss a walk on these nights, allowing the wind to blow my hair, feeling the cold breeze on my nose and forehead. I am sure that one day, the rain that once fell on me as harsh as  bullets will finally feel as soft as fabric.