What’s Behind Comfort Zone

Unfortunately, we all know that it’s hard to leave your comfort zone because humans like feeling
good and hate uncomfortableness but as well as if you stayed in your comfort zone especially
when you’re surrounded with difficulties and problems, you’ll end up postponing your life goals
which will make it more difficult to be achieved and you’ll feel more anxious and nervous.
Actually It’s a behavioral space that fits our routines and patterns that minimizes the stress
level and perception of risk. And that’s good, unless the fear of getting out of it overcome us and
suddenly we find ourselves coming up with the idea and the believe of not being able at all to
break out the comfy cosiness.
For real, we should face the truth and we have to be okay with the percentage of risk that exists
in every action you are doing no matter what even if you’re unfamiliar with this particular action.
Remember that you’ll fail in your first time while getting out of it, don’t give up and try again until
you make progress. then you’ll see yourself in a different way, even your peers will realize the
courage that you came by, you’ll be more sociable, will increase you focusing and
concentration, will develop new more skills, will do achieve more and more than before.
In addition, To break the fear and get out of the comfy zone; Firstly you should get more in front
of the camera, try to make comic videos and take pictures feeling totally okay with your look and
style and showing self love. Secondly, you should never take something for granted by giving
compliments, spending more time apart, tell your partner when they’ve done something right.
Thirdly, switch up your routine like doing something crazy which you didn’t use to do it before
like agreeing to things that you normally didn’t consider,
moving more closer toward your fears, asking questions that other people don’t like and you can
also try to start conversations with strangers and know how they feel and think.
Finally, our comfort zone is just like sweets, when you achieve a good achievement you can get
into your comfort zone for a while to relax, and then get out of it again immediately to complete
the adventures within your journey. Eat sweets but do not eat much!


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