What Is Covid-19

*1-What is the Coronavirus?*
The virus we are currently facing is actually called COVID-19 ,caused by the virus called SARS-cov-2, which is one of the members of the Virus family, called Corona viruses.
Four of these viruses have always been around, and aren’t more dangerous than the flu. Chances are, you’ve been infected with one of them and treated it as a common cold that your immunity stood up to and fought off within a week or two.
However, in 2002, the first ever case infected by the SARS-coV-1 virus appeared in China. The virus is believed to have been transferred to humans through eating a type of small mammals. And although the virus spread rapidly to 26 countries, and killed 10% of it’s hosts, humans were able to repress it ,and it compelety disappeared in 8 months.
In 2012, another member of the family appeared in KSA, called MERS-coV. MERS-coV was originated due to feeding on camel meats ,which resulted in severe respiratory infections in humans. This time round, the fatality rate was more than 30%, and the disease was extremely severe. However, it was suppressed before spreading to other countries and compelety disappeared.
And last but not least, SARS-cov-2, causing the COVID-19 which has shown the extremely rapid spread of the disease and panic alike.
It started in November 2019, when a group of patients in Wuhan showed abnormal symptoms of unknown disease, later known to be COVID-19.

*2-Why is COVID-19 causing this panic?*
While the previous two viruses had much higher fatality rates, the COVID-19 is still the one we aren’t able to control.
SARS-coV-1 and MERS-coV had very severe symptoms which were easily noticed on patients who were then quarintined.
The problem with COVID-19 lies in the subtleness of its symptoms especially on healthy hosts ,who mistake it for a common cold or bacterial infection and leave their homes, only to infect a group of other people, who then repeat the cycle of spreading it over and over again.
The COVID-19 has a fatality rate of only 3%, but at the current rate of it’s spread, 70% of the population will have been infected by 2021.

*3-How is it transmitted?*
So far, the virus is known to be transmitted through droplets from an infected person’s coughing or sneezing entering your system.
This might be direct, through close proximity with an infected person, or indirect, by touching an infected surface then touching your hands to your face.

*4-Should I be scared?*
Yes and No.
If you’re relatively young and have no major health issues, there’s a huge chance your immunity system will be able to fight  the virus.
However, with being infected, you risk infecting elderly people, people with respiration difficulties, or infants whose immunity hasn’t been built up yet is big. These are the cases where COVID-19 may be considered fatal. It is important to stay cautious.

*5-What’re the symptoms?*
High fever, dry coughs, headache, aching all over the body.

*6-How do I protect myself? And what should I do if I notice symptoms on myself?*
You need to stay home as much as you possibly can.
Avoid being in close proximity with people ,and keep your hands off any unsanitized surface, people’s hands, and your own face.
Wash your hands frequently with water and soap.
If you suspect symptoms on yourself, call the professionals.
Do not go to a hospital since it may risk you transmitting it to someone or vice versa.
You will be tested ,and accordingly sent home or to isolation to avoid the spread.

*7-Why aren’t there drugs and vaccines yet?*
The virus is still very new,and truth is, we don’t know much about its structure and functions yet, but doctors and researchers all around the world are trying their best to study the virus and find solutions.

*8-Is it true the virus was synthesized in labs?*
No. The virus is far too complex to have been sythesised and although many people do support the theory, it has been proven compelety illogical.
Countries who were suspected to have synthesised the virus are some of the most affected.
It is unwise to spread such theories in a time where people are already panicking and need to stick together the most.

*9-The COVID-19 Do’s and Dont’s*
-Wash your hands
-Avoid Crowds
-Stay aware to symptoms
-Read information from trusted sources
-Avoid direct phsyical contact with people
-Follow instructions given by health ministries around the world
-Laugh about Corona virus memes, but still take it seriously

-Ignore the risks
-Buy in bulk. This only encourages traders to increase prices and causes shortage in many supplies ,which drastically harms other people, especially those who cannot afford buying in bulk like you do.
-Go out unnecessarily
-Spread rumors
-Take unprescribed antibiotics. They have no effect on viruses. You’re only harming yourself by taking unnecessary medication.

In a nutshell, there isn’t a need to panic, but we have to remain cautious ,stay home ,and pray for all patients and doctors to safely get through this.
Stay tuned for a list of activities you can do during quarintine to kill boredom!
Stay safe!

*All information sourced by WHO and Healthday news.*

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