The theory that proves your mentality in maintaining relationships SUCK

    "I have known from the beginning that I am just a game he played for a while"." I think I have recognized who she was from the beginning." Isn't this what we obviously hear from people after breakups? Most of us hear these phrases and much more gossip from their friends about how awful their Ex's were, and I guess we as a way of support we believe it and we start thinking their Ex's were awful as well. However, have you ever thought that this will be the end anyway, and that horrible state was obvious from the beginning?
  For farther explanation: when your best friend or you tell one another that you have caught feelings for someone and you know quite well that this person won't be your or their "forever". So why do we hate them when it happens and we don’t when our thoughts were just expectations, maybe because we always keep faith that maybe this will continue with no harm.
    The past question was important to ask, but what's really more important to ask is why did we go into this relationship from the beginning when we know very well that it will fail and cause us too much suffering? Maybe it's the faith that our expectations won't be true or maybe we will blame love as usual. Although, yes I agree that the love of the people and the way they consider each other's feelings  and how they take their love as number  one thing this will absolutely matter in how healthy the relationship will go. However blaming love for breaking your heart and pushing you into this relationship that was obvious to be failing is a big NAY.  
    Instead you can blame the mentality of people in a relationship itself. If a girl finds a guy with too much red flags for 1 person to handle and yet goes into this relationship and still puts faith in it, then she is going suicidal but in an indirect way. And if a guy finds a girl that doesn’t have the same personality he can  cope with and still goes into this relationship with a dream that she might change then he better fall of  bridge instead of falling in this relationship. If you find someone who is mentally ready before being emotionally ready then you have found a diamond. Being mentally ready means that you are ready to face any problem and to fix any misunderstanding. Being mentally ready means you are mature enough to know the responsibility you are in. Being mentally ready means that you will take the relationship seriously. Being mentally ready means that you will know how to provide love ,care and support to your partner to your in the right time with the right way. As well as being  mentally ready means you will choose the right person.  
Love is not the only thing you look for in a relationship, you should  also use your mentality, and if this was used in a wise way then the relationship will go very healthy. Choose the person that understand and love at the same time, search for the sense of humor before the romance, search for the success before the offers and finally search for a lifetime best friend and not a some month lover.

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