The Soundless Screams

"The soundless scream of a drowning mind"
Save the dying
Save the sick
Save the drowning?
Not a thing
For everyday
610,000 people die from a heart attack
And 800,000 from a heart break
Why can we never see?
Why do we never care?
The sadness in someone's eyes
The pain and the despair
We answer a simple groan of pain 
But ignore the soundless scream of a drowning mind
We give a hand to those whose bodies feel pain 
But never to those whose heart do
We wipe away the tears of disease
But look away at the sight of sad tears
Help the drowning?
No we can't
Help the sick?
Oh we'll donate
For years and years we've pretended to understand
Pretened to know and to know how it feels
But guess what?
You don't
Because when you look at your sick daughter lying in bed, your heart breaks
But when your son tells you he's depressed, you wonder, is he?
You answer the wince of pain
But you choose to pretend you don't hear the soundless scream of a drowning mind.
While a fight with bacteria can make your stomach knot up
The fight with yourself will make your heart shatter
Your brain stutter
Your screams soundless but you beg for them to see
You beg for a hand to pull you out
Beg for a rescue for your drowning mind
But they chose to look away
They chose to ignore the soundless scream of a drowning mind

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