Meditate, In the Eye of the Storm

It was never about money neither about having many friends. The war building up inside your mind isn’t because any of that.

Your lack of sleep this week wasn’t because you haven’t been able to study neither did it have anything to do with your mom being mad at you.

It was all you.

You are the one who hasn’t been able to take some time for yourself. You haven’t been on good terms with yourself ,and that’s where everything begins. Inner peace isn’t just a thought that crosses your mind…it’s much more than that.

Inner peace starts the moment you choose to prevent anyone or any event from controlling your emotions. What many of us don’t know is that our inner peace controls everything within our lives. A state of inner peace eliminates anxiety, fears ,and worries. It also removes negative thoughts, stress, lack of satisfaction ,and depression. It is a state of emotional and mental poise, happiness, acceptance, confidence ,and inner strength. Whether we are aware of it or not, we all desire inner peace.

However , only few realize the importance and benefits of inner peace, and even more less individuals know that it is a skill that can be learned.

So to make it easy for you and to avoid wasting your time, we have gathered for you the reasons about why inner peace is crucial in many ways:

•It helps you release all the toxic energy in your body and maintain your tranquility.

•It provides you with a stable mental health.

•It enables you to deal with stressful situations.

•It helps you in organizing your daily chores and duties.

•It helps you become more passionate about what you love ,and discover your hidden skills and talents.

•It helps you in maintaining healthy relationships with others.

•It helps you cope with any mental instabilities.

•It helps you boost your self confidence.

•It allows you to concentrate on your main life goals and achievements.

•It helps you to maintain a peaceful life with a positive and thoughtful mindset.

•It helps in increasing your productivity.

•It prevents you from facing any intolerable acts.

After reading the reasons of why it is necessary to have a inner peace, you are probably now wondering about the ways that will help you in doing that. That’s why we have got some answers from you, some teenagers who also face the same difficulties with inner peace.

So here are some ways for you in order to attain a state of inner peace:

• Try taking some personal time for yourself.

• Isolate yourself from anything that might ruin your mood or make you lose your temper.

• Avoid trouble makers.

• Try not to have any contact with negative people since they may suffocate you with their energy.

• Try some yoga classes. They will help you in regulating your exhalation and inhalation which will help you to relax.

• Practice something that you love or you are passionate about ; like reading, writing, singing, drawing, designing, cooking, sports….etc.

• Try reading a book, it really helps you in flying away with your mind to another universe of great imaginations and discoveries.

• Try writing your thoughts down on a paper. It will help clear your mind and figure exactly where your problem lies.

• Always prioritize yourself and stop thinking about other people.

• Don’t push your beloved ones away.


Believe me if you tried doing any of what we mentioned above, you will notice a huge difference. Your mind will notice a difference. Your soul will be able to breath and smile at the world. You will think about life like it’s another challenge that you need to take seriously but easily.

Never give up to failure, try all the ways possible in order to reach a state of inner peace. Inner peace isn’t achieved just by reading some quotes here and there. Inner peace is a life style and if you take it seriously, you will get rid of any complications and any hidden dark monsters who try to get in your way. Your view to life is what will decide if you have a peaceful one or a stressful one.

If you choose to think positively, then I assure you that no matter how much hard your day is going, it’ll always pass smoothly.Ps: This article wasn’t written by your 40 year old mother or father who are trying to support you in order not to give up on your dreams.

This article is written by a teen who totally understands how you feel. Those reasons and ways might sound too silly or unprofessional to you but believe me, this is written from a person that goes through what you go through exactly.


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