Since makeup is an art and the beauty is its spit, I introduce Norhan Amr, an engineer and a professional artist certified by the super makeup artist Samer Khouzami. She is someone who does true and ordinary art. She pastes beauty by some tools she owns and her high creativity in choosing what suits every single girl. She gives true definition to your eyes and makes them talk fluently by one of her beauty touches. She makes you shine brighter than a shooting star with her super unique highlight skills. She is a classy queen and a creative artist at the same time.

She started admiring makeup for a long time and she started her career as a professional makeup artist by coincidence; she was willing to help some bride to get ready for her big day by her own makeup equipment—nothing more, nothing less. And from that date, Norhan knew her very unique talent. With some more training with another makeup artist, Norhan enhanced her skills a lot more than the level they were at.

Since great achievements happen only to those who never stop learning, Norhan said:
“Until the moment I still check tutorials and new stuff about the world of makeup and it’s secrets, and I will never stop learning again and again.”

When we asked Norhan why did she choose makeup specifically, she said,
“Makeup was placed in my way and I chose it because I love makeup and I love the spirit of beauty in colors and how vital it is.” Norhan claimed that she also works as an engineer and that she does both works together, but due to her addiction to beauty Norhan says the following: “Being a makeup artist will remain to be my favorite.”

When we asked Norhan how does she describe makeup, other than just “art,” she wholeheartedly answered: “I would go with the adjectives ‘satisfying’ and ‘mind-relieving,’ for seeing the creams spreading and the color blinding will totally release stress.

What proves that Norhan is a true artist with a true artistic passion is that she chooses the colors of her clients due to their moods! Yup, as you heard… Norhan says, “I choose colors to the girls I do their makeup depending on what mood they are in; for example, if she is in a calm mood, I would definitely go with calm and cool colors, and if she is was in a hyper mood, then I would absolutely go with a full bronzy look.”

Norhan says that being a makeup artist is a good business, but starting it is difficult because you should get fame first and train a lot so you can be professional and also spend a lot of money on products. After all, you will gain what you spend and you will gain the spirit of art too.

Which Arabic celebrity does Norhan want to do makeup for?
“I would admire doing makeup for Dorra Zarrouk because she stands to be such a beauty queen.”
Which Hollywood celebrity will Norhan like doing makeup for?
“I would love to do Kim Kardashian’s makeup for once because she is the queen of contour and highlight and those are my favorite challenges!”

Norhan says that it takes her 30 min doing a full glam look to herself and 1h to do it to her clients due to some discussions that happen between her and the client.

If Norhan had to choose a makeup artist to work with, she will choose as follows: “If I had the chance to choose a makeup artist I will work with I will definitely choose Dina Ragheb as an Egyptian makeup artist and Scott Barnes from the western world.”

Throughout the interview, Norhan said that she is obsessed with Huda Beauty’s makeup products and that they are the majority of what she uses.

We wanted to imagine Hannah El-Zahed, Huda Elmufti, and Asma Abulyazeid in different makeup looks so we asked her to tell us what would she do for each one of them.
“I would definitely go with a cat-eye look for Hannah El-Zahed, and a glory highlighted look for Huda Elmufti and for Asma Abulyazeid I will choose a bold full bronzed look.”

3al2hwa is totally honored to interview such a talented soul like Norhan


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