Journey To Self Peace: TOKYO

Once upon a time, a never-ending story. A story where pain changes people. Some became rude, and some became silent!
Mine started in the beautiful streets of Tokyo.
Isn’t it weird that even in the loudest city of Tokyo, I can still hear your heart beats, I can still hear your soft voice whispering in my ears. These streets of Tokyo are full of people but only your shadow I can see. Looking to those bright billboards, remind me of how brightly we announced our love to the world, how we delightfully dug our love in every corner of this city.
Looking to the shinny moon, remind me of how beautiful you were…. yes beautiful but as far as the moon from earth.
I can see the light in this city are still working, but what about the light in my heart?
I’ve always been the girl who feel love in someone’s eyes. I felt so tiny in this big world. I was once the girl who would feel hope no matter how far it was. Indeed I loved everything in this world but it was all until you took everything and disappeared.
I don’t feel anymore pain or grief for you, nor is there any love or desire. I am no longer in the habit of having you around. Why are tears still in my eyes then? Why do I cry even today? Do I miss you? Huh?
You said we’re gonna live together forever and never separate. All those vows and promises of love are false. I believe days will pass and turn into years but I shall forever remember you with silent tears. This fake world is temporary,
my pain is true.
O beloved, this relationship of ours
is a delusion like a mirage. Eyes, which used to dream together,
they have cried much on separation today.
Eyes, which used to stay the nights awake together,
they shut even in the morning now….
Eyes, which used to enjoy the sun,
now stop and look for some shade..
The breathe is choked, the heart is troubled,
wondering why my life is about to cry..
why my hope seems like a disappointment,
why is there a storm of questions in my heart…. I’m too sad to cry, too tired to get up. I didn’t even try cause I’m scared to mess up. Sometimes, the lines get all blury. I learned a lot, I grew, I have changed. I couldn’t stay no longer, i had to walk away for you and for myself. My heart no longer beat or bleed for you!. My wrong love…, it has always seemed right!. I have known trials, struggles and most importantly I’ve known loss and I have found my way out of depth. Why do I cry even today? Why are tears still in my eyes?
Perhaps I miss you, that’s why i am crying today…. Perhaps I am set free, perhaps not… just perhaps….


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