Four books to read

Day 4: Bored from quarantine???? And you have nothing to do?? If you’ve let reading slide to the margin of your life, now is the time to bring it back. So make a space to read a book alone or with your family!! In day 4, we came back with four exciting books to read !!

Before I go to sleep

Through out the novel, you have a journey through Christine Lucas’s diary to uncover the secret of her life. 

After getting exposed to an attack, Christine Lucas starts suffering from anterograde amnesia. Her mind is no longer able to digest any new memories. She lives a plain dull life alone with her husband. After some time, Lucas starts to consider her doctor’s suggestion and starts writing her daily life events in her diary before she sleeps. This decision helped her to  track her life and discover which land she is standing on. By time, Lucas starts realizing some pieces of her puzzle are missing which hampers the process of getting back her memory. This realization makes her question everything, everyone, and herself.


I usually find it hard to read Novels without getting bored ,but I surprisingly found “After” a very interesting Book. “After series” is a New Adult series of four books that describe the love story between a straight-laced college freshman, Tessa, and an emotionally damaged young man ,Hardin, who is filled with so much anger and hate for himself and the world around him that it affects all of his relationships…especially his relationship with Tessa. Tessa is a straight girl with big dreams and all what she wanted in life is to make her mother proud of her and to be a writer. Hardin is a British Punk boy who never cares about anything but himself.

The secrets that made this book so intriguing are in the first book. The pairing of Tessa and Hardin makes absolutely no sense; yet, as a reader, I completely bought into their relationship.  As the first book progresses, you understand why it make no sense, however later on, it starts to make complete sense together.  Hardin was a completely different character which made him hard to understand. As the I finished reading the first book, I really liked him because I felt that he is kind of a mysterious person. I was riveted and had to read on to the second, third and then fourth books.

Books two and three are heartbreaking as this couple just can’t get their act together.  I found myself furious at Tessa for forgiving Hardin for every transgression he made.  He had some redeemable qualities.

The fourth book is where I realized the complete brilliance of this series. This is where I’ll give you a tiny spoiler:  the author is brilliant! He comes with too much emotional baggage from his childhood, and it takes him forever to get his act together.  The ending of the fifth book takes place 20 years after our love birds first laid their eyes on each other.

“Before”,the fifth book and the last one for Tessa and Hardin’s relationship tells you the events that occurred before Hardin falls for Tessa and how he got into Washington University.  There is actually a movie made for the novel “after” and very soon another movie for that novel will be out.

The Cukoo’s Calling

The novel begins with a pack of police officers outside the house where a supermodel fell to her death from her apartment balcony in an apparent drug-triggered suicide.

Although the death is almost immediately confirmed a suicide, Lula Landry’s brother shows up at Cormoran Strike’s door, a thirty-five-year-old private detective, claiming his strong belief that his sister was pushed to her death.

Cormoran and his new assistantant, Robin Ellacott work on finding the truth behind what happened between many people, many motives, and few clues.

The novel has the most intricate plot, and an unexpected, and absloutely mind blowing ending that will have you completely shocked for a couple days.

The book carries perfect detail to get your brain completely invested.

If you want a good thriller, that’ll get your adrenaline going and mind working, this is definitely the book for you!

أرني أنظر إليك

الرواية تصحبك فى رحلة مع الشاب التونسى(مالك) الذى

 تربى على الفكر الإسلامى و تشرب هم الدعوة منذ الصغر

  و مع دخوله الجامعة، و بدء دراسة الطب و عمله فى

النشاطات الطلابية و الدعوية و كحال بلادنا العربية ينتهى به

 الحال فى المعتقل لعدة سنوات

كنت أعود إلى زنزانتى بعد ساعات التحقيق المركبة 

يقودنى جلاد فظ يطاردنى بالسياط و السباب. 

و فى الزنزانة التى تشبه القبر اتكىء بظهرى إلى جدارها 

الحجرى ،معذب الروح،  منهك الحواس من شدة الضرب و

 التعذيب. أضع نفسى بين ركبتى اختبئ من نفسى و من 

العيون التى ترقبنى و الحزن يسيطر على ذاتى المحطمة

و تبدأ رحلة جديدة مع سفره خارج البلاد، بطريقة غير شرعية

 و ما واجهه من تخبط و ضياع مواقف كثيرة و احداث 

مؤلمة تنتهى به إلى الإلحاد فتبدأ رحلة جديدة معالإلحاد 

حتى الأعماق إلى أن يجد طريقه من جديد…يتعرف فى 

هذه الرحلة على أشخاص رائعين أوفياء

إنها رواية ليست بمجرد رواية بل هى رحلة يقين لكل قارئ 

و كأنك تعيش مع حروف الرواية حرفا حرفا ، الإرهاق 

الفكرى مع كل صفحة يصبح أكثر ، أحسست معه بكلشعور

 الغضب الحزن، الضيق ثم السعادة حتى أننى شممت 

رائحة المدن التى زارها من دقة الوصف


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